DC Linear Bench Power Supply – Product Description

DC Linear Bench Power Supply – Product Description

DC Linear Bench Power Supply

Variable Output 0-60V 0-5A (0-10A 0-30V) 5V Fixed

New Model – Now featuring 10x Multi-turn Voltage Control Dials!

About the DC Linear Bench Power Supply

The DC Linear Bench Power Supply is a highly reliable and versatile power supply unit designed for various applications. With its adjustable outputs and fixed 5V output, it offers great flexibility for laboratory experiments, electronics projects, and educational institutions.

This linear unit is equipped with built-in short circuit and thermal protection, ensuring the safety of your devices and preventing any damage. It operates in series or parallel modes, allowing you to customize the power supply according to your specific needs.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage

  • 220VAC 50Hz

Variable Outputs

  • 2 x adjustable outputs
  • Output voltage: 0-30V (adjustable continuously)
  • Output current: 0-5A (adjustable continuously)

Source Regulation

  • Cv鈮?.01%+3mV
  • CC鈮?.01%+6mA

Load Regulation

  • CV鈮?.01%+2mV (rated鈮?A)
  • CV鈮?.01%+5mV (rated>5A)
  • CC鈮?.01%+6mA

Ripple and Noise

  • CV鈮?mV (rms)
  • CV鈮?0mVp-p
  • CC鈮?mA (rms)
  • CC鈮?0mAp-p


  • Current-limiting protection


  • Voltmeter, Ammeter or 3-digit volt-LED & Amp-LED
  • Volt-indication: LED 卤1%卤2digits
  • Amp-indication: LED 卤2%卤

Fixed Output

  • Output voltage: 5V卤3%
  • Output current: 3A
  • Source regulation: 鈮?脳10-4+1mV
  • Load regulation: 鈮?脳10-3
  • Ripple & noise: 鈮?.5mV (rms), <10mVp-p
  • Protection: Current Limiting and Short Circuit

Operating Environment

  • Operating temperature: 0 to +40潞C
  • Dimensions: 360mm 脳 265mm 脳 165mm
  • Relative humidity: less than 90%
  • Operating time: 8 hours continuous
  • CE and UL certified

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this power supply be used for scientific research?

Yes, this power supply is suitable for scientific research, laboratory experiments, and educational institutions.

2. Does it come with a power lead?

Yes, the unit comes with a UK 3-pin power lead. For continental European orders, we provide EU adapters free of charge.

3. What are the dimensions of the power supply?

The dimensions of the power supply are 360mm 脳 265mm 脳 165mm.

4. Can I adjust the output voltage and current?

Yes, this power supply has two adjustable outputs capable of 0-60V 0-5A or 0-30V 0-10A.

5. Is this a switch mode supply?

No, this is a linear unit, not a switch mode supply.

Thank you for choosing the DC Linear Bench Power Supply. For any further inquiries, please contact our customer support.