Medha Professional USB-60 60 WATT RMS Amplifier

Medha Professional USB-60 60 WATT RMS Amplifier

Medha Professional USB-60 60 WATT RMS Amplifier


The Medha Professional USB-60 is a powerful PA mixer amplifier with a rated output of 60 watts. It is designed to meet the needs of various applications, providing exceptional sound quality and versatility.

Main Features

  • Built-in MP3 digital player for playing music from USB drives and SD/MMC cards
  • Remote control for convenient operation of the digital player
  • 3 microphone inputs and 2 auxiliary inputs for connecting various audio sources
  • Line output for connecting to a booster amplifier
  • Preamplifier output for recording the program
  • Cut and boost type bass and treble controls for fine-tuning the sound
  • Instant transfer to DC power (car battery) in case of AC power failure
  • 2 LED arrays for output indication

Product Details

Brand: Medha D.J. Plus

Model: PA Mixer Amplifier USB-60

Color: Black

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I connect my USB drive to the amplifier?

Yes, the Medha Professional USB-60 has a built-in MP3 digital player that accepts USB drives, allowing you to play your favorite music directly from the drive.

2. How many microphone inputs does it have?

The amplifier features 3 microphone inputs, allowing you to connect multiple microphones for various applications such as public speaking, karaoke, or live performances.

3. Can I record the program using this amplifier?

Yes, the USB-60 has a preamplifier output that allows you to connect a recording device and capture the program for later playback or editing.

4. What happens if the AC power fails?

The amplifier has an instant transfer feature that automatically switches to DC power (car battery) in case of AC power failure, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

5. Is the remote control included?

Yes, the USB-60 comes with a remote control that allows you to conveniently control the functions of the built-in MP3 digital player from a distance.

Experience the power and versatility of the Medha Professional USB-60 60 WATT RMS Amplifier. With its built-in MP3 digital player, multiple inputs, and various output options, this amplifier is perfect for any audio application. Get yours today and enjoy high-quality music like never before.

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