Specdrums 2 Rings + Play Pad

Specdrums 2 Rings + Play Pad

Specdrums 2 Rings + Play Pad


Welcome to the world of Specdrums 2 Rings + Play Pad, a revolutionary musical instrument that lets you turn the world into your own personal sound machine. With these innovative rings and play pad, you can create music by simply tapping on any surface. Let your creativity flow and explore the endless possibilities of Specdrums!


1. Portable and Lightweight

The Specdrums 2 Rings + Play Pad are designed to be portable and lightweight, allowing you to take your music anywhere you go. Whether you’re at home, in the park, or on a road trip, you can easily bring your Specdrums and unleash your musical talent.

2. Easy to Use

Specdrums are incredibly easy to use. Simply wear the rings on your fingers, connect them to the play pad, and start tapping on any colored surface. Each color represents a different sound, allowing you to create melodies, beats, and rhythms with a simple tap.

3. Endless Sound Options

With Specdrums, the possibilities are endless. You can tap on objects around you, such as fruits, books, or even your own drawings, and turn them into unique sounds. Experiment with different surfaces and colors to create your own signature sound.

4. Connect and Share

Connect your Specdrums to the companion app and unlock even more features. Customize your sound palette, record your creations, and share them with friends and fellow musicians. Collaborate and inspire each other with the power of Specdrums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Specdrums with my smartphone?

A: Yes, Specdrums are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Simply download the Specdrums app from the App Store or Google Play Store and connect your rings to start creating music.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The Specdrums rings have a battery life of approximately two hours of continuous play. The play pad is powered by USB and does not require batteries.

Q: Can I play chords with Specdrums?

A: Yes, you can play chords by tapping multiple colors simultaneously. Experiment with different combinations to create harmonies and unique chord progressions.

Q: Are Specdrums suitable for kids?

A: Specdrums are suitable for all ages, including kids. They provide a fun and interactive way to introduce children to the world of music and foster their creativity.

Unleash your musical creativity with Specdrums 2 Rings + Play Pad. Start tapping, exploring, and creating your own unique sounds today!